Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Wrap Up

Hey Ever-buddi.

Once again I'm going to pull that "I'm super effing busy" line on you guys, and I apologize, but I am super effing busy. The holidays were insane combined with the fact that I was working like a mad woman to get my Design Exam completed, buy last minute Christmas presents, make plans, bake and decorate, and see friends and family without losing my mind. I honestly don't even remember the week between Christmas and New Years. Classes started back up yesterday and I'm doing that part time plus 35 hours of work and finishing the exam, which is due Monday and frankly I'm a little nervous. If you read my blog regularly you probably already know that. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you will and I'll let you know the results (whether you want them or not) by late January or early February.

I was feeling pretty guilty about not having posted anything in like two weeks (I swear I've got some coming down the pipes though) and then I stumbled across this idea on Learning the Language of Brooke Farmer. Brooke writes a fantastic blog - check her out.

She actually stole this idea from someone else, but the idea was to post the top ten posts determined by stats. I say screw that, I'm going to post six of my favorites because a few of you folks (if you're still reading by now) are new to my blog and may not have read some of the older shit that I got a chuckle out of writing. So here it is in no particular order, feast my new friends! And to my dear tried-and-true friends, I wubs you, I'll be working on new posts ASAP.

1. The Different Types of Assholes
2. Adventures with Crackhead Bum
3. Fun with Kaiser
4. Open Letter to Shamansky Real Estate
5. Family Christmas Letter - I was so busy this year we didn't have time to make a 2010 letter :-(
6. One of the Top Five Reasons I'm Going Back to School


  1. The Family Christmas Letter is my favorite!

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out! I feel so behind on my reading and really want to check out your list but probably should be sending out resumes and working on writing samples and begging people to let me write something for them and fervently working on the bagillion (read: four) guest posts I need to send out.

    I need a drink.

  3. Chi-Town - Thanks, I like that too, I wish we had been able to do a 2010 version :-(
    Brooke - If there is anything I understand it's being overwhelmed to the point where you can't get everything done. I usually end up drinking or sleeping or both. Totally understand where you're coming from :-D

  4. thanks! I think I might have missed a couple of those...


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