Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Few More Things

Hey Everbudi.

It has been over a month since my last post, and I know a lot of you came here thinking I finally fucking got around to doing something amusing, but alas.

I just wanted to say two things:

1.) Today is my blog's first birthday. It is exactly on this date one year ago that I drew a picture and posted a blog. It's super fucking boring, but if you want to read it, here's a link.

2.) My coworker who is a mechanic and kinda relies on his ability to stand to make a living had a really bad accident at work yesterday. A PVC airline exploded out in the back behind the shop and pretty much decimated his left leg - apparently it blew a edit: it's a 2" hole (not a 1/2" like I originally wrote) through his skin and muscle and snapped a 6" piece of bone out between his knee and shin. Pretty fucking fucked up. He's not going to be able to use it for 8 - 12 months, which is probably not good since he's into the whole manual labor thing.

The kicker (HAHA I MAKE FUNNY PUN) is that he was about to leave for lunch but before he left he took Kaiser out back to use the restroom. While he was standing out there waiting the line exploded and took his grizzled old ass out. He handled it like a boss while he waited for the squad to arrive and I'm sure it didn't feel real good.

We're about to go to the hospital to visit him, so I made him this card to hang on his wall for him to admire until he's discharged. That's his motorcycle; he rode it in yesterday and obviously did not ride it home so we're keeping it in the garage.

Anyway, do me a favor and say a prayer, send up good vibes, do a rain dance - whatever it is you subscribe to - that his leg gets fixed and he's back on his feet and back in the garage being a pain in the ass ASAP. Leave him a nice comment and next week I'll print it off and take it to him so he knows he's got a bunch of support.

Edit:  If you're one of those sick bastards that can handle gross photos, here are some pictures of his leg that I'm republishing with his permission of course.

Please be forewarned - if you can't handle blood, woods, gore, or anything of the kind, you might not want to check these out. They're cleaned up but they're still not the easiest thing to look at.

View of hole
Hole and leg (note the stitches on knee and shin where metal rod was place)
Picture of thigh after skin graft (graft used to up cover hole in leg)

Spanks guys :-)