Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is my first blog. Eva.

I’m not exactly sure how to start a blog, which could be one reason why I haven’t started it, even though I’ve been talking about it for at least a year now. Not that I have any grandiose visions of readers immediately flocking to it, hanging on my every last word (other than possibly my mother), but I’d be pleased if I had at least 10 readers by next year.

Who am I:

My name is Cake Betch because I’m a cake decorator in my spare time. The titles will be interchangeable. At the time of this writing I am twenty-six years old, going back to college for my second degree, struggling with money, slowly putting on weight, and becoming rather cynical.

I live in Columbus, Ohio. Last September my boyfriend and I moved in to a cute little house, and then in December we thought it’d be a sweet idea to buy a dog. A Great Dane. More stories on the boyfriend and Kaiser to come later.

 My reasons for writing this blog:

I like to write, and I want to do more of it.
I enjoy making other people laugh. I don’t know if you’ll laugh at me or with me or even at all, but maybe. We’ll see.
I like to tell stories. I have stories. You get the picture.
I don’t know, I guess I’m out of reasons.

I feel that pictures make a blog better. I also tend to only like blogs where I have a visual of what the writer looks like. I feel like you just can't care about someone if they're invisible, so here's a picture of me on my birthday, doing what I do best:

Let's get wasty-faced! Wheeeeeee!

 Also, here's a picture of Kaiser blowing shit up:

Fact: Kaiser will explode you.


  1. Thanks! He's a terrible little shit but I still love him too :-D

  2. Mahaha! Love the picture of Kaiser wreaking havoc! Any news on his hips? Or is that still a "wait and see" kind of thing? (Yes, I'm asking you a medical question about your dog on your first post from a year ago. Yes, I realize how stupid that is. Whatever.)

  3. :o) It wasn't as crap as you said it would be. :o)

  4. Stephanie - Stephanie I swear I posted a reply to this comment but it's not here. Hm. No news on the hip; he seems to be walked better on it but it's still just a wait-and-see thing with him.

    theShyNarcissist - Lol, thanks miss :-)


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