Friday, September 3, 2010


If you know me personally or are on my facebook page you may or may not know that I recently applied to go back to school. I already have my undergrad in Business Administration, but I realized approximately 3 years into the 6 it took me to get the damn degree that it probably wasn’t for me. Like a fool, I just kept pressing onward. Now that attitude is coming back to bite me in the ass at the ripe freshman age of 26. I recently read an article stating that this year’s incoming freshmen were born in 1992.

Jesus. Christ.

All shuddering and thoughts about impending ‘who’s that old lady?’ stank-eye stares aside, I’m going back to attempt to get into THE Ohio State University’s Visual Communications program. It is extremely competitive – only 18 students are admitted each year - and I will not find out until midway into the second quarter whether or not I am accepted into the program. If not, I can apply NEXT December, but if I don’t get accepted then, it’s over. You get two shots and you’re out of luck. This makes me very nervous.

I do have some background in art, but I am a bit afraid that it’s not going to be enough. I drew prolifically as a child, and I am very much a right-brainer, but interestingly enough I did not think you could actually make art a career if you wanted to have money, not eat out of trashcans, and not live in a discarded refrigerator box. Soooo I did like every Midwest suburban high-school graduate who has no fucking clue what they want to do with their life and really don’t believe the future will ever arrive – I went into Business.

I just don’t think all those years of drawing classes as a kid or young teen and the handful of classes I took in high school or the one class I took in college are going to prepare me to compete with the kids that knew out of the gate this is what they wanted to do and have been drawing regularly. I haven’t drawn shit in a long time.

I was still feeling semi-confident since I already have a degree and work experience and a pretty decent hand that I could get in to the program, but now that I’m researching designers (as part of the exam) I feel pretty stupid and insignificant. I’m just concerned that I’m not creative enough. I guess I’ll let you know by February or March


  1. GOOD LUCK !!!!

    That being said and as a Florida girl, I am required by oath and alum to say .. GO GATORS!

  2. I'll let you slide since I like you. :-)



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