Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Blog Award

 Guess what I got? You probably can figure it out by the title of this post. I got this award from the lovely and charming Goofy Girl at There is Grandeur in this View of Life. She's currently overseas visiting Scotland and London (are you back in London?) and has a lot of great pictures and cute stories. You should totally check her shit out right meow.

*Edit - Way to go Tara, post the damn thing without actually posting the award. Who's going to nominate me for a 'Special' Person award? 

There are also some rules that go with this award:

1.      Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you. 
Thank you miss, and her link is provided above.

2.      Share 7 things about yourself 

- I would eat nuclear waste if it had melted cheese on top of it. 

- I always wanted to be a lefty. I used to practice writing with my left hand. I even started a left-handed journal in a notebook made for left-handed people. Eventually it got old and I abandoned that quest, but I always thought left-handed people were cool. Weird?

- I have a tendon phobia. I can't stand to be touched on the backs of my knees, the insides of my elbows, on the top of my hand by my thumb (if I make a claw hand I have a huge dip in my thumb where the skin stretches over the tendon), or on my wrists - anywhere tendons are visible. It gives me goose-bumps just thinking about it.

- I can still do cartwheels.... if I stretch out for like 15 minutes. I made the mistake of doing a cartwheel once without stretching..... painwow. When I was little we'd spend all recess doing cartwheels and handstands and headstands. I can't imagine popping up on my hands like I did when I was 7. That'd be a great party trick today.

- I used to be really painfully shy and introverted. Now I love meeting new people and making new friends and hanging out with just about anyone. I still find this new personality aspect strange and blame my father who says that he's shy but makes random friends everywhere he goes. 

- I want to learn to the play the violin. I think it's amazingly gorgeous. The only thing I would want more is to be able to sing (well).

- A single nice comment on my blog will make my day. Seriously.

3.     Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers 

Okay, I don't want to purposely break this rule, but here's the thing: I follow a lot of blogs by people who have a million other followers and don't give a rats ass if I follow them or not. I don't feel like it would be appreciated if I gave these people awards. I'm just common folk, ya know.

Midwestern Mama @ Are You Serious
Rambling Hutch @ Sporadic Sporkitudes

So I only came up with 10 people that I follow that I think might actually communicate with me and/or appreciate an award. That's it folks. I'm always looking for new blogs to read to pass the time at work the day so if you read my blog and you have your own blog, leave me a comment! In fact, leave me comments anyway. I lurves them. And you. 

4.         Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

And..... scene.


  1. Squee! I'm so excited. This be exactly how Susan Lucci felt after she won her Emmy after like 49 nominations.

    FYI I am lefthanded (except I said that in Inigo Montoya's voice). AND I have the same tendon thing. If people grab my arm at the elbow, I lose my sh*t. As in, my arm goes numb and black dots dance in front of my vision. I don't know why.

  2. I think I just scared the neighbors with the laugh that came out of me at your 1st random "about you" fact... mostly because I pretty much said the same thing two nights ago at dinner while eating an appetizer of halloumi cheese... and trying to distract the BF so I could snag his...

    Jeebus!...I'm almost at the point of anger wondering, yet again, why/how we are not neighbors.

    wanna move to Martha's Vineyard by any chance? I'll be back from London really soon... I'll make you pumpkin cupcakes ? ;p

  3. LOL – I don’t actually black out, I just feel extremely creepy. I can’t fully explain it either, it just freaks me the hell out. Veins do too. I wasn’t able to look at my bare stomach for weeks after I realized I could see veins in it. Now I don’t look at it anyway because it’s fat :-D

  4. Goofy - I'm pretty sure Justin avoids getting nachos with me now because I immediately commandeer all the chips with the most cheese on them. Cheese is my kryptonite.

    I've studied Martha's Vineyard before (in Sign Language - MV had/has (?) a huge deaf population) and it looks amazing. Maybe someday I will visit and we can hang out and trade big feet stories and eat cheese and talk about great danes! :-D

  5. Cheese does seem to make just about everything better doesnt it? Just thinking about makes me crave a pretzel with TONS of cheese lol.

    Thanks for the award, I <3 it!

  6. Congratualtions on the award! I'm sure you are going to be getting many more. Also, thanks for awarding it to me! I don't know a single one of the others you awarded, but I'll certainly check them out (always on the prowl for good blogs).
    Putting your post together took a lot of work, didn't it? The price of fame!
    Thanks again!

  7. Aww thanks, Tara! Just made my day!

    I used to want to be a lefty, too! I can sort of write with my left hand, but it looks like a first grader's writing. :)

  8. I'm not sure about the nuclear waste thing... I mean, like HOW MUCH cheese is on it? Because if it's ENOUGH cheese, I could probably do that. Otherwise it would just ruin the cheese and that would piss me off.

    Thanks for passing this on to me! Now I am going to have to THINK. Thanks a lot. ;)

  9. Lin - It's fat and salt, how can you go wrong??

    Pat - Gracias, and same to you! :-) And if you meant took a lot of work with finding good bloggers, yes and no. It was easy to nominate everyone but hard to find bloggers who actually interact.

    Maggie - I'm glad you like it! And yes that's basically what mine looked like too even after hours and hours of practice. I eventually just gave up :-D

    Magical M - OMG that's an excellent point. Lets go with a ton of cheese.

  10. Yay! I already responded to your comment on my page, but again I say HUZZAH! :D


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