Thursday, October 28, 2010

Imma Hit!


I've been crazy busy this week getting ready to scare the shit out of the kids in my neighborhood (I know for sure I made one cry last year) and buying myself a skanky outfit to wear for Halloween and so I haven't had a ton of time to figure out how to put my awesome new badge on my page. I finally got it into the gadgets toolbar and it was too small, so it's just going to reside in my main blog. TA-DA!!
I was a HIT! You see that?! I'm kind of a big deal. Don't be jealous.

Midwestern Mama over at Are You Serious? is doing a series on ghost stories from fellow bloggers this week, and yesterday she featured my story about weird things that happened to me before we moved out of our old house in 2006. So go read my story about ghosts and check her out.

If you haven't already checked out her blog from BOTH LINKS I PROVIDED, you should scroll back up and do so right now. She's a fellow 'Ohioan like me-self, but living in a small suburban community, and she's effing hilarious. I also stole the phrase "crotch fruits" from her and I cherish it like I gave birth to it myself. Thank you Mama, Cake Betch loves you!

PS - Love the poster!


  1. I am now totally inspired to write a blog about my own personal ghost/spooky experiences. Thank you! (& yeah, I will give you full credit for the inspiration)

  2. Awesome! I love hearing other people's ghost stories.


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