Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shit We Used to do at Work

Justin and I met when I got a job as an admin/front desk girl at the networking equipment resale company that he works for. It was quite possibly the best job I ever had. It was a very small company; I think there were 18 employees while I was there, and it was a super relaxed atmosphere. Everything just worked, and everyone (except for Cunty!) got along.

Justin decided that it would benefit the lab (Justin is a network engineer) if they had a pair of these on hand:

Nerf swords are obviously ALWAYS a good idea.

One day at work we got to talking and thought it would be hilarious if we had a sword fight in the middle of the lab... without forewarning for his coworkers or his boss.

 I'm guessing the room looked something like this before I entered:

Then I SLAMMED the door open and stood there staring right at Justin, holding the sword.

There was about a 5 second pause before the song Ironsides started blasting (you really should hear the song to appreciate what this would have looked like when it took place), and Justin whipped his head around with the craziest look on his face. He then very slowly stood up out of his chair, bringing the sword out from under the desk. I wish I could say I kept a straight face but his crazy face was so good I burst out laughing and kind of spoiled the seriousness of the moment... just for a second though.
Right at the peak of the song we dove at each other and faced off in the center of the room. We had a good sword fight for approximately two or three minutes.
It was awesome.

Justin tripped and fell behind his bosses chair. I took the opportunity to brutally stab him to death, then walked out of the room and closed the door like nothing had even happened. As the door shut behind me I heard victim number 2 say, "She's just leaving now???"
I obviously wasn't there, but Justin told me that he continued to lie behind his boss and "puke blood" for a good five minutes or so until he finally 'died'. Then he got up and went back to his chair.

I wish like hell we had gotten someone to film that.... it's just not as good when you've got to retell it with MS Paint.


  1. I would have loved to see it, but I gotta say the MS paint was pretty good. It does, however, help when you hear the song in your head. rofl!

    What an awesome place to work.

  2. Definitely. I briefly considered trying to make an MS Paint movie with the song over it but I pat myself on the back when I figure out how to get all my pictures and text to line up... a movie would be too large a commitment at this point.

    It was a great place to work. I regret quitting but it's probably for the best that we don't work together AND live together.

  3. I don't agree...
    I think recalling the even with MS Paint is AWESOME!
    that was really good and very funny!

  4. Lol thanks Pat, I'm glad you liked it. You're always so encouraging though :-)

  5. Great story!! I worked in a medical practice like that in Fl. We were super busy.. but all got along so well.... it was actually fun to go to work.


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