Thursday, October 21, 2010

Open Letter to Willow Smith

Dear Willow,

I really want to congratulate you on your new musical career. The song is amazing. Painting a room while whipping your hair back and forth? Visual and lyrical genius... I can only imagine how thrilled your record label is to have stumbled across you. Most people scrape and bleed and die for their art over their entire lives and no one acknowledges their talent and their genius. You obviously had a guardian angel looking over you, child.

I mean, how old are you, nine? Oh, you're 10. Had to Google it. I really can't even express how jealous and amazed I am at your veracity, at the intense amount of work you had to have done to get where you are today. The scrutiny you surely faced from all the haters that didn't care about or believe in your art. Did you know that they say your chances of becoming a famous singer are roughly one in a million? Of one million singers and performing artists, YOU were handpicked, chosen. If you worked this hard and were this dedicated and were seen for the amazing talent that you are at this young an age, I can only imagine what the future has in store for you.

Once again, congratulations. You were sent here to share your wisdom with us Willow, and don't ever forget it.

<3 Cake Betch


  1. aw, don't hate on baby smith...I like her

  2. I wasn't exactly hating on Willow, that wasn't in totality the message I was trying to send here. The point I'm really getting across is the fact that a.) she's 10 years old and by virtue of age really doesn't have any life experiences that she can share with us and b.) she obviously did not get to where she is on her own. She's a ten year old girl who has famous parents and so she's been put on a pedestal and now she's a singer. That was more the point I was getting at here. Perhaps my sense of humor is a bit off... I've had a head cold for a week :-)

  3. but.. but...without that song we'd never have something as almost unbearably awesome as this video... it even makes me like the song a little.

  4. I would be inclined to say the muppet baby version is better. Still don't like the song though :-)

  5. this is the second (pre)pre-teen that i've noticed. there is a group of 4 or five 8 year old dudes singing about there girlfriend's texting them or something. I am afraid this is the new direction of the pop music industry. auto-tuned 9 year olds lyricizing about lunch money, text banter, and wishing crayola had a 1080 count crayon box... you know, so they can color in between the lines in high definition. i want to cry. as a amature writer of music myself it is embarasssing that I work 60 hours per week and write GOOD music as a hobby. these kids, well... watch the video. enough said

  6. The thing about Willow is that she's got this video because she's Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter, not because she's wildly talented. And that's another point I was trying to make... how many people struggle and are actually good and have something to say in their music but can't get anywhere because they weren't born with connections?

  7. So, I just lost 3:54 seconds of my life. Yeah, I had to watch the whole video in it's entirety. For one, you're ten. You have no swag, you shouldn't be shaking off any boys. You have haters at the age of ten? Seriously? And you're going to be fighting till you get there? Well, having parents like the ones you have, seems like you don't have to put up much of an effort for a five. And the only applause your getting, is off the stage. Sure, I was a HUGE fan of " summer time " and " nightmare on my street ", but that was Will Smith at the age of twenty, when he had life experience.

    And she's not too far off sounding like a Muppet Baby.

    Like you said, Betch ( that makes me sound like i'm just calling you a downright .. you know ), so many people out there are struggling. Then majority of the public think that the only shot they have is the one on Idol or even America's got Talent. Or, if they try to get their foot in the door, they get stomped on. I'm convinced that the only way to get through this world, is to have connections. Regardless if it's in music.

  8. I'm glad at least one person agrees with me :-)


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