Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boyfriend of the Year Award

Today is a special day, because today is... our one year anniversary! YAY!

I should mention that I burped last week (which I do quite often) and then laughed and asked him how he can resist me. I was waiting for, "I can't resist you, you're so damn hot," or "You know it doesn't bother me." His actual response?

"You're definitely a personality girlfriend." Aww... I love you too babe.

Honestly I feel strange saying 'one year anniversary' because I feel like it's been fffffffoooooooorrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrr. And I mean that in the best way of course, darling. If you want to be more accurate it's actually been more like a year and some months because we were pretty much a couple towards the end of the summer, but we didn't make it Facebook official (you know your relationship ain't official until it's Facebook official) until October 28th.

Btw, that Facebook official thing is a joke.

But why the award you ask?

Because since I started back to school I have been even more neurotic, uptight, crabby, and scatterbrained than I already naturally am.

 Justin has done an amazing job of rolling with the punches, AND he has been cooking me dinner for like two straight weeks. He's been cleaning the house for me too (another thing I get worked up about - I don't feel comfortable in a dirty house) and taking care of other odds and ends. He's been super supportive throughout the ordeal and it has been extremely helpful. I haven't said it enough, if at all, so THANK YOU babe, you've been awesome.

So for our one year anniversary and since he's been such a sweetheart, Justin is awarded the Boyfriend of the Year award. I'm sure he's absolutely thrilled.
Award colors may cause seizures
In honor of this special day, here is the story of how Justin and I met:

After months of joblessness followed by a short stint decorating cakes and cookies to put gas in the car, I found a receptionist job at a resale networking equipment company. Since it was a pretty small company I met everyone there within a couple of weeks. Justin was the last person that I talked to, and honestly I didn't have much desire to try to bridge the gap because I thought he was a super shy nerd and that he wouldn't have much personality. And really, I don't want to discuss the finer points of how Linux operates or hear about his level 60 undead mage (even though I totally played WoW too). It would just lead to awkward conversation.

About a month after I started working there, everyone went out for drinks after work and Justin was there. He started telling me stories about pranks that had been pulled on one of our gullible yet lovable coworkers and I realized that he was really funny and he had a personality (but he was totally still a nerd)! Win. He noticed on my Facebook that I 'liked' Chuck Palahniuk, and asked if I was a reader, which I am. If you are a reader yourself you know how exciting it is to find like company. Getting to know each other went basically like this:

Justin is 6"5

Our friendship kind of blossomed like that - the more we talked the more we realized we had a lot of stuff in common.

I ended up leaving that job in the pursuit of better opportunities but we kept in touch and were still friends through the summer. We dated that fall without ever admitting that we were dating  until October 28th when Justin asked me point blank if I was his girlfriend or not. I told him I pretty much was and then we agreed that we were dating and that we would date one another exclusively. Then I shook his hand to seal the deal.

Yes, I really did do that. I reached across the table at dinner in a crowded restaurant and shook his hand in agreement to our newly founded dating arrangement. I am so amazingly smooth.

Happy Anniversary Justin, I love you.


  1. Aw...happy anniversary you two!

    I love the story of how you guys met. My husband is a big-o computer/WoW/book nerd too, haha. Btw, your drawings are really freakin funny!

  2. Lol thanks Lin! The nerd aspect is actually kind of endearing, and comes in super-handy when something goes wrong with the computer or internet :-D

  3. I especially like the illustrations!

    I, too, have a nerd at home. He's dreamy!

  4. That is a romance for the ages, I'm totally jealous! And I'm probably the billionth person to say how much I love your illustrations. I just steal photos off of Google and then worry about getting sued for copyright infringement. This way you get to be creative and worry-free!

  5. Chi-town - Thanks!

    Rambling - You're definitely not the billionth (maybe the fifth lol) person to say it, and it never hurts my feelings to get a compliment :-D I've stolen a few photographs off google too... it's not like I have anything that can be taken if someone came after me for copyright anyway.

  6. Great drawings and an awesome story to go with it! I'm loving your blog. You are gonna be a major player here before too long...

  7. Aw, congrats on the year! Happy for you guys!

    zomg, i play wow. yeah, just recently started. nerdom a go.

  8. I played it, but eventually you get tired of leveling up. There isn't any point to games that don't end, you're just getting better weapons and armor so you can kill stronger enemies... and if you've done it once you've done it a zillion times.


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