Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a Curmudgeon!

So this morning I got to work and pulled up my Google reader and lo and behold, I'm the Curmudgeon of the Week! How did this happen?

I'm totally going to plug The Sassy Curmudgeon now and not because she honored me by making me Curmudgeon of the Week (in last year's Christmas Sweater Photo), but because I love her, her childhood unibrow, and her blog. How can you not love someone who is posts amazing pictures of herself as a kidthings we all do but might not put so elegantly into words, and scenes from a marriage? (Those are three of my favorite posts btw).

I mean, her tag line above the follow button reads "Let's all join together like my childhood unibrow." So succinct! I actually think that her photographer hubby Jeff posted my curmudgeonly entry today because Sassy is on vacation, but you get the picture.

If you haven't checked her blog out (all of you 8 or so followers I have, you get the nod of solidarity) you should do so immediately.

<3 Cake Betch


  1. That's some look you are sporting there sister. Your answers were hilarious! Congratulations your curmudgeonness.

  2. 1) you are hysterical!
    2) why oh why aren't you my neighbor? (in lieu of the people we refer to as Sgt. Shovel & Capt. Chainsaw)

  3. that is so cool!
    the Sassy Curmudgeon is my all time favorite blog.
    Congrats on that!!!

  4. Mama - Thanks!
    Catherine I know... I really try Catherine! :-D
    GoofyGirl 1.) Thank you! 2.) Maybe we are neighbors and don't even realize it! And I'm going to assume we'd get along fabulously considering you list your occupation as "intoxicologist". Lol
    Pat - Thanks! She's definitely in my top ten, but so is your blog :-)


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