Friday, December 3, 2010

Sorry I Got Fat

First off... sorry again for my disappearance. Between work, school, the holidays, and life, I have had very little time for anything. And that means the blog. The quarter just ended yesterday and all I have to do now is handle my month-long exam to get into design (Visual Communication to be exact). OSU only accepts 18 students into Vis Com per year, and between 75 and 100 apply. So I have my work cut out for me. Apparently my absence has cast doubt into your hearts because I lost a follower over the last week :-( FINE! Go! I don't need you anyway. *tear*

Anywaaaaaay. So, I'm just going to come right out and say it. I got fat. Actually, both Justin and I have gotten fat. I've known about my extra padding for quite some time now, but Justin just recently stumbled upon his own a few days before Thanksgiving. I found this in my inbox:


 to me
show details Nov 23 
lets play, Guess how much Justin has balooned up since he started dating Tara:

You go first (keep in mind that i was 180-184 for 3 years prior to us):


 to Justin
show details Nov 23
Why do you say "since he started dating Tara" like it's my fault??


 to me
show details Nov 23
I'm enacting a state of emergency regarding all consumables.  I am on lockdown meaning it's every man for himself from now on.  I'm going to just eat soup.
And with that I was on my own. I left off how much weight he said he gained because I'm not sure how vain he is and whether or not I would be allowed to post it. Let me state for the record that Justin is 6"5. Don't you think that 180-184 for a 6"5 dude is pretty thin? Seriously, he doesn't look fat.
** UPDATE: He said I could post it. He weighs 215 now.

Thanksgiving was obviously a gut buster for us. We're both big foodies, and both our families have healthy appetites. We loooooooooooove Thanksgiving.
Justin took a picture of our refrigerator after we packed the leftovers from both dinners in. Other than the booze and the lonely smushed bottle of salad dressing everything you see is some kind of left-over.

Awesome, because I hate cooking. Not awesome for the whole diet thing, because it's all been made with about 30lbs of butter and fat. If I had to guess, I'd say I probably put on five pounds over Thanksgiving weekend. I was in a constant state of overly-full for four days.

When we first started dating we had both been working out regularly. We tried to keep running but once we moved into Columbus we got lazy. Not to mention there's so much more good food around here than there was in the suburbs, and a coffee shop (my personal kryptonite) within walking distance. Fast forward after one year of this:

So my goal is to start eating healthier, cut back on the booze, eat less, and get more exercise. I don't think I will ever be as thin as I was (at my thinnest I was surviving on a diet of cottage cheese, fruit, and shots), but I could totally stand to lose about 15lbs. Honestly I haven't weighed myself in weeks because I'm afraid I'll slit my wrists but I know where I want to be, and I'm going to guess that's about 15lbs away.

Here's the problem - I hate exercising. I know that the best thing to do is to find an activity that you enjoy so that you're having fun not exercising. But I hate playing sports. I can't always run outside and I go bonkers after 10 minutes on a treadmill. Lifting weights is boring.

I would love to try swimming because a.) I'm a good swimmer and b.) I enjoy swimming, but I'd have to join a gym or rec center to get access to a pool, and I'm not particularly wild about the idea of strangers seeing me in a bathing suit.

I also love horseback riding (which is how I lost 20 of the first 60lbs without even trying in 2005) but it is expensive. I got a card from a guy that does lessons on North American Spotted Drafts, Percherons, and Friesians. For those of you who are no horse people and have no idea WTF I'm talking about:
North American Spotted Draft
I just think it would be totally badass to learn how to ride a horse this massive. Then I'll make myself a warrior outfit and ride it around and hit people with a cardboard sword. 

After much giddiness and excitement though I found out the guy's stable was an hour and twenty minutes away from my house. Sad panda.

To draw a long winded, pointless, rambling blog to a close... do you exercise? And if so, what do you do? What works best for you? I need some pointers. Pointers about diet would be welcomed too.


  1. chicken wings, beer, and dirty sex always seem to do the trick!

  2. That will not work for me because I am not a male.

  3. He is SKINNY!
    I love your fridge, I want to live there!

    great post and drawings!!

  4. He is not fat at all, even at 215lbs. His clothes don't fit though so he is 'fat'.

    And normally our fridge is pretty empty. Like I said, I hate cooking :-D


  5. PS aspacelot - Aren't you going to comment on how awesome the perspective of my hardwood floor is?? I TOTALLY did that on accident but I think I deserve praise. Lol

  6. I feel your pain! I actually just wrote about my extreme lack of motivation to exercise and am going to try yoga for something different. (I found your blog through Chitown Southerner's blog...and your drawings crack me up!) And your beer choice looks great :)

  7. Yea actually I got some yoga DVDs and was doing those for a little while and felt pretty good after doing them but I got bored. There's a yoga studio near me but with school I'm just afraid to commit to an hour and a half every week. Plus I'm broke.
    And thanks for checking it out! I'm glad to know that it's entertaining :-D I have a picture somewhere of what our fridge looked like before we went on vacation to a lake - literally packed with all kinds of good beer. It was a near-religious experience. Lol

  8. This will sound stupid, but if you have a Wii, that one program that you can do yoga to as well as run and everything, i think it's called Wii-fit? I would do that. I did that after the baby, the yoga portion, and it honestly kicked my ass.

    Love horses, and horse back riding. As well as the photomographs. Also, tell Justin that he's tall. He's not fat. :D

  9. Actually I did use the Wii fit. My parents had a Wii and I did the fit for a few months and got bored with it :-/ I think I would do best working with a personal trainer because I feel obligated then but I definitely can't afford one.

    I think Justin knows he's not fat, but his clothes don't fit like they used to.


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