Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm not Dead

Just sort of close. Like zombies but without the eating and stinking. Speaking of, has anyone else been watching Walking Dead? I hear it gets pretty sad. We've been making it a weekly Sunday ritual to drive over to my cousin's house (as we have no cable) and drink beers and watch zombies and cops with skeevy-ho wives.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone cares or even noticed that I've been out for a week but if so, here's my explanation.

I've been so busy with all the things I have going on that I haven't had any time to draw funny pictures or tell funny (?) stories. Last week heralded the start of my teachers giving us our 'big' quarter-end projects. I'm totally effing swamped in school-related work. You would think that drawing would be a piece of cake class, but it kicks my ass. I always leave that class feeling like a turd and like I'm never going to get into the program. I also am really neurotic about making sure I do everything I can to get an A which can really pile the stress on since your berth for bringing the big guns to the show is much wider in an artistic field than it would be in something like Business or Math or Engineering. After this quarter and after I submit my exam I think I will be able to stop being so stressed out. Until then I have to bust my ass.

That and my dad's 60th birthday was Sunday and the week leading up to it was pretty emotional. I wrote him a sappy letter as a present and it was the most difficult thing I've done in a long time because I had to really face the reality that he isn't going to be around forever. That of course goes for my mom too but since it isn't her birthday I didn't have to think about it. There was a lot of build-up to the party and then a bit of drama afterward and a few people with hurt feelings and so on and so forth. One of my best friends got some bad news about a family member. It's been a rough week and a half and I've just been extremely emotional and haven't had any spare time to get to the blog, let alone feel like trying to be funny.

I decided to go on a no refined sugar and no cheese kick this week but it was rainy here and class was canceled (because someone called a bomb threat in on one of the buildings I'm supposed to have class in this afternoon) and the only thing I want to do right now is drive to Cup O Joe and get a coffee and sit in the window and watch it rain. Oh yeah and I can take my Mac and my cat-glasses and look like a total hipster and it'll be awesome. Can't hang out at the coffee shop without trying to look like you're artsy and an activist and doing something super awesome important for the environment or local music scene on your Mac Book Pro.

Things should be calming down here (hopefully...) in the next week or so and I should be able to get around to drawing silly stupid pictures again.


  1. Smile, laugh, love....and it will get better =0)

  2. Let me know how that cheese and sugar thing turns out. I tried to do South Beach on time, and I lasted all of 12 hours.

    Hang in there!

  3. Jessica - I know :-)
    Chi-Town - So far it's been kinda difficult. Just about everything I want to eat involves cheese and sugar :-) I kind of broke the rules because I saw that Soymilk makes a Pumpkin Spice milk and I had to get it and drink it immediately. Lol

  4. I've noticed that whenever I try to give something up, or even just desire something I don't currently have... Every. Fucking. Source. Of. Media has an advertisement for it. Or everyone around me has what it is I want or am denying myself.
    Sorta like trying to quit smoking... seems easy at home, and you go out to the bars where you aren't allowed to smoke inside any longer.... and suddenly all 8 people that you are with want a cigarette at that exact same moment... and you are the beer-sitter. Sooo not fun. (That is totally my justification for not putting much effort into quitting these days...)
    All that said, dear god, I can not even fathom the idea of giving up cheese. A doctor could tell me that if I eat a cracker with some Stilton on it I'll die... and I'd really have to think about it, and I'd probably lick it and press my luck.
    Good luck to ya! :)

  5. I know!! I got to work this morning and someone brought in pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies.It's like they're TRYING to make me slip up. I probably picked a poor time (during the holidays) to try to do this though.
    And as far as smoking, it SUUUUCKS to sit alone at a bar while others smoke but I think it would be harder to sit at a bar with people on either side of you smoking. Also, my boyfriend mentioned last night that supposedly they're going to start putting pictures of black lungs and nicotine poisoned fetuses on cigarette packs soon. Wheeee! Lol

  6. here in the UK (Where I currently am for a few months) the packaging on cigarettes is hysterical (& scary!). GIANT "SMOKING KILLS" on every pack... the one I got yesterday showed a picture of clogged arteries. Lovely really :/

    It's not like in the states where you just choose the pack that tells you smoking can cause low birth weight and other pregnancy related issues, then say "well, I'm not preggers, so... I'll take THAT pack!"

  7. It sounds like exactly what they're planning to put on the cigarettes here.
    Btw - totally jealous you're in the UK!

  8. I have been watching the "walking dead" and I have to admit I really like it. I would like to some more battles, but I'm sure they are coming...

    I've been gone for a week also. The real word sometimes damands attention from us!


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